TuttiCare™ Privacy Policy

At Tutti Systems™, LLC, security, confidentiality, and reliability for the users, data, and services on our network are central to our company’s mission. Security measures provided to achieve these goals include full compliance with the requirements of HIPAA and the HITECH acts. This Privacy Policy details what information is collected on the website during visits, how that information is put to use, and how that information is secured.


The following definitions are provided for terms used in this Privacy Policy:

PII (Personally Identifiable Information): data collected that identifies or can be used to identify an individual. PII encompasses both patient and user information, and is used to refer to any identifying information.

HI (Health Information): Data that is created or received by a health care provider that relates to the past, present, or future physical or mental health condition of any individual.

PHI (Protected Health Information): Health Information that is protected under the HIPAA and HITECH acts. In order to maintain electronic records of health information, healthcare providers and business associates agree to take steps to keep the information confidential and secure.

NPI (Non-Protected Information): PII and HI that is excluded from the list of information covered as PHI. Examples of NPI include team member names and practice locations.

Data Collection and Usage:

Data Collection: The following information may be voluntarily provided by the user and stored in the system database to improve the features and functionality of the website:

Protected Health Information (PHI). This is protected and confidential information on patients in and outside of your practice network. This information includes, but is not limited to: patient name, date of birth, clinical images and media, diagnoses, treatments, and doctor/patient interactions.

Non-Protected Information (NPI). NPI falls into three categories: Doctor/Technician/Team Member Information, Practice/Office Information, and Network Information.

Doctor/Technician/Team Member Information includes PII on doctors, technicians, and team members in your practice (such as name, date of birth, clinical degrees and specialties). Practice/Office Information includes details like practice name, website, accepted insurance, and description. Network Information is data gathered about patients, doctors, technicians, practices, and labs in your practice’s network.

Referral Information

Referral Information specifies all data collected during referral creation. This includes patient and clinical information, date and time of referral creation/completion, referral status changes, and duplicate copies of referrals.

Information that is not collected: credit card data, Social Security numbers.

Data Usage: Gathered Information is used to identify, authenticate, and to communicate with users in the system, to assist in the creation, processing, and delivery of referrals, to improve the services on the network, to develop internal databases, and to perform statistical analysis and reporting.

Data Confidentiality:

We may disclose NPI if required to do so by law, to comply with subpoenas, or if necessary to enforce our Terms of Service Agreement. We may also disclose information to protect the security and integrity of the TuttiCare™ network, its users, or others, or to take precautions against liability. NPI may be shared with third-party organizations who may use this data to serve ads that they believe are relevant to your interests.

Data Security and Reliability:

Tutti Systems™, LLC has technical, physical, and administrative safeguards implemented to protect your information. Data availability services minimize downtime and maximize the time that our system is available to the user. Security services provide state of the art network defense against malicious attacks by viruses and hackers. All of the safeguards required for HIPAA compliance are provided and followed to ensure complete security and confidentiality of PHI data. Tutti Systems™, LLC partners with a leading third party hosting company to ensure security, confidentiality, and reliability for the information stored on our servers.


The TuttiCare™ website uses cookies to record current session information, but does not use permanent cookies. Certain features of the website may not function properly if cookies have been disabled by the user.

Policy Changes and Updates:

Tutti Systems™, LLC reserves the right to update or change the Privacy Policy periodically without notice. Revisit this page regularly to stay aware of policy changes.

This policy was last modified on July 29th, 2015.


Any questions or concerns regarding the Privacy Policy that are not addressed on this page should be sent to contact@tutticare.com

Alternately, you may write to us at:

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