TuttiCare™, a Referral Management System created by a dentist for dentists (and other healthcare providers) to send and receive patient information and to collaborate, manage and track referrals into and out of their practices.

TuttiCare helps to improve the quality of care and experience for patients, and insures that needed treatment is completed as planned, rather than waiting until their next visit when problems may have worsened.

Are you losing revenue from incomplete referrals?

Do you know if your patients are following through on the referrals you’ve recommended?

TuttiCare provides a simple, secure solution

Are you sending patient data through AOL, Gmail, Hotmail or other non-HIPAA compliant systems?

Receiving office has immediate case information

Review of X-rays and insurance aids in preparing for first visit, including scheduling, insurance verification and pre-treatment estimates.

Notifications to patients can increase compliance and comfort

With patient permission, referral information can be sent via email or text to patients with maps and directions.

Paper referral forms no longer needed

No more searching for the right form or replenishing missing forms. Specialist information is always current, without reprinting and sending out new forms.

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